Monday, October 10, 2011

Gorilla Sacks, Indian Lake Outfitters & Recycled Billboards!

Gorilla Sacks, Indian Lake Outfitters and Recycled Billboards - that's a mental image right? GOOD! Because we want you to have the newest "go-green" image with one of the coolest recycled billboard sacks around, available guessed it - Indian Lake Outfitters!

This awesome concept was born by Gorilla Sacks but brought to you locally from the team at ComStor Outdoor. Each Gorilla Sack is made from a recycled billboard vinyl. These are the same billboards you see along the highway throughout Logan and surrounding counties. Each pattern piece is hand cut to create a bag that doubles as a piece of art! Therefore, every Gorilla Sack is one-of-a-kind. You´ll be the only one with this exact bag.

All of ComStor Outdoor's billboard vinyl is made to be resilient through all weather conditions, so it´s tough and waterproof. The durable vinyl is tear resistant, UV protected and will not wear out. Therefore, you can expect your Gorilla Sack to be gorilla tough!

At Indian Lake Outfitters, you can snag lots of great Gorilla Gear styles including the every popular Messenger, the sturdy Giant Market, Classic and Modern Tote or one of our fav's, the Day Tripper. We even have dog collars for Fido!

This post is brought to you by Indian Lake Outfitters, your outdoor retail connection for hunting, fishing, camping, archery, marine, firearms and ammunition. We’d love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter!

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